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XAUUSD/Long -- -- 16 days and 0 h 36 min ago Win 781 pip
XAUUSD/Short -- -- 23 days and 1 h 48 min ago Win 533 pip
XAUUSD/Short -- -- 28 days and 23 h 40 min ago Win 754 pip
XAUUSD/Long -- -- 28 days and 23 h 48 min ago Win 612 pip

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Market Risk & Sentiment: New York Session   - 2023-06-08 15:18 GMT
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Technical Data:
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Over Bought

Over Bought



20 %
Pivot Points

Pivot: 1949.93













Money flow:

XAUUSD, Retail traders Sentiment

Speculators Sentiment, NET positions on currencies

Heat Map

Commitment Of Traders (COT):


Net Positions:

Previous: 160,732

Current 169,316

Changes +8584 5%

>U.S. Dollar Index

Net Positions:

Previous: 11,240

Current 12,768

Changes +1528 14%
COT History XAU
COT History USD
XAUUSD Forecast:

Bullish Drivers:

: chg: %

Fundamental Bias: Bullish

Fundamental Strength: Weak

COT POS: 169316 / 12768 Driver: 92.46 Positive

Retail Short pos ratio: 52%

Retail trader Sell position: 20840

Retail trader Sell volume: 4124.48 lots lot

Distance to Resistanc R4 (2039.72): 70.99

Bearish Drivers

U.S. 10Y: 3.788 chg: -0.047%

VIX: 15.28 Upside

Daily Trend: SELL

Retail Long pos ratio: 48%

Retail trader Long position: 18044

Retail trader Buy volume: 3855.70 lots lot

Distance to Support S4 (1877.42): 91.31





Fundamental Bias:

Bullish Weak

  • Cleveland CPI (MoM) (Apr) 0.4%, prev: 0.4%
  • CPI (YoY) (Apr) 4.9%, prev: 5.0%
  • Core CPI (MoM) (Apr) 0.4%, prev: 0.4%
  • Jobless Claims 4-Week Avg. 237.25K, prev: 229.50K
  • Initial Jobless Claims 261K, prev: 232K
  • Continuing Jobless Claims 1,757K, prev: 1,795K
  • Fed Interest Rate Decision 5.25%, prev: 5.00%
  • ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI (May) 50.3, prev: 51.9

Bullish points

Bullish points

Bearish points

Bearish points

Recent Event/News

The composite PMI fell from 54.1 to 53.3 in May, which is the first decline since October last year. The divergence between services and manufacturing is growing, with services inflation accelerating ...
2023-05-24 12:55:07
15 days 2 hours ago
German trade sentiment, European Central Bank chief Lagarde, and UK inflation numbers are in focus ahead of the FOMC meeting....
2023-05-24 12:23:32
15 days 2 hours ago
The third drop in a row for the German ZEW index marks a turning point for the worse as any growth optimism from the start of the year evaporates...
2023-05-16 12:36:42
23 days 2 hours ago
In a March statement, the Fed suggested there would be no rate cuts until 2024. However, the market began betting on a rate cut in September, and after today's announcement, the chances of a rate cut ...
2023-05-03 20:24:50
1 months 35 days ago
Despite falling inflation, RBA Governor, Philip Lowe, justified the latest hike by saying that it would take time to bring inflation down and hinted that more hikes might be necessary...
2023-05-02 22:05:14
1 months 36 days ago
This has been going on since the weekend. Completion of the auction/deal means that First Republic Bank offices will reopen as JP Morgan branches thereafter. This breakdown shows that First Republic B...
2023-05-01 08:39:24
1 months 38 days ago
The eurozone economy carries on along the rim of stagnation. A meagre 0.1% quarter-on-quarter GDP growth in the first quarter with high divergence across member states is better than feared � but cle...
2023-04-28 17:17:00
1 months 40 days ago
Based on upbeat activity data and higher-than-expected inflation, we believe the BoJ will take steps to normalise policy by adjusting its yield curve control tool in the coming months ...
2023-04-28 17:12:22
1 months 40 days ago
Credit Suisse Group AG reported 61.2 billion francs ($69 billion) of outflows in the first quarter and took a large writedown at its wealth management unit, underscoring the challenge for UBS Group AG...
2023-04-25 12:20:40
1 months 44 days ago
An improving Ifo index is always good news. However, a weaker current assessment component and below-average expectations do little to take away the stagnation risk for this year ...
2023-04-24 14:40:29
1 months 45 days ago
The credit crunch stemming from the fallout of Silicon Valley Bank has begun, with data showing clear tightening of lending standards by banks, according to Morgan Stanley's top stock strategist Mike ...
2023-04-18 16:35:20
1 months 50 days ago
1Q23 GDP grew 4.5%YoY, much faster than the 2.9%YoY recorded for 4Q22. This is a better-than-expected data report. We expect that the government will hold back extra stimulus plans and the yuan should...
2023-04-18 06:21:04
1 months 51 days ago
Retail sales in February continued to decline, which makes it unlikely for a positive contribution to first quarter GDP. This suggests that there may be weakness in the economy and no strong rebound i...
2023-04-11 11:43:12
1 months 58 days ago
According to the state media, the Chinese military announced that the maneuvers around Taiwan will continue. Chinese military: We are maintaining the momentum of encircling Taiwan island with maneuver...
2023-04-10 13:02:39
1 months 59 days ago
Industrial orders have now rebounded sharply since November, brightening the outlook for German industry. However, the US slowdown and the longer-term fallout from recent financial turmoil, as well as...
2023-04-05 13:54:19
2 months 64 days ago
The US factory orders index was reported as -0.7%. US employment statistics - February fell below 10 million jobs, which is the first and most important sign of the end of US interest rate hikes, as w...
2023-04-04 14:39:52
2 months 65 days ago
OPEC, Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Persian Gulf region announced a reduction in daily production of one million barrels of oil....
2023-04-03 00:32:31
2 months 66 days ago
The International Monetary Fund said the Bank of Japan should avoid a premature exit from monetary easing, advising it to maintain its policy framework....
2023-04-02 14:49:24
2 months 67 days ago
RBA April 4 meeting poll: Analysts evenly split between 0.25% hike and no rate hike Out of 27 analysts, 14 of them believe that the interest rate will increase and 13 of them expect a pause....
2023-03-31 21:46:46
2 months 68 days ago

Calendar Weekly: (GMT) 2023-06-08 15:18

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