Symbols Entry SL/TP OT/Duration Status
EURGBP/Long -- -- 18 days and 22 h 18 min ago Breakeven Hit 4 pip
EURGBP/Short -- -- 24 days and 9 h 56 min ago Failed -106 pip
EURGBP/Sell Stop -- -- 6 days and 22 h 13 min ago Breakeven Hit 0 pip
EURGBP/Buy Limit -- -- 6 days and 21 h 39 min ago Breakeven Hit 0 pip

Day Trading

Short Term/Scalp Opportunity

Swing trading

Long Term Opportunity

Market Risk Sentiment
Related performance by EUR
Daily pairs relation
Intraday performance Last update: 1970-01-01 00:00 GMT
Intraday performance - Session history Last update: 2024-02-21 12:19 GMT
Technical Data:
R1: S1:
R2: S2:
R3: S3:
R4: S4:











0 %
Pivot Points

Pivot: 0.85132

S1: 0.84916

S2: 0.84783

S3: 0.84567

R1: 0.85265

R2: 0.85481

R3: 0.85614

Retail traders Money flow: Last update: 2024-02-21 12:00 GMT

EURGBP, Retail traders Sentiment

EURGBP, Retails Liquidity history

Commitment Of Traders (COT): latest CFTC report: 2024-02-13


Net Positions:

Previous: 62,153

Current 52,838

Changes -9315 -15%

>British Pound

Net Positions:

Previous: 34,475

Current 50,472

Changes +15997 46%
EUR COT History
GBP COT History
EUR, Commercials vs Speculators
GBP Commercials vs Speculators
AI Forecast
EURGBP Forecast:

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Base: (EUR)

Bonds, DEU 10Y: 2.372 last chg: 0.001%

Bonds Italy, IT 10Y: 3.849 last chg: -0.013%

Interest rate: 4.5%

Fundamental Bias: Bearish Weak

COT POS: EUR: 52838 pos, last change: -15% (-9315 contracts)

Retail Short pos ratio: 37%

Retail trader Sell position: 11007

Retail trader Sell volume: 1843.42 lots lot

Distance to Resistance R4 (0.85416): -0.00179 Crossed up

Technical D1: SELL

Quote: (GBP)

Bonds, U.K. 10Y: 4.085 last chg: 0.043%

Interest rate: 5.25%

Fundamental Bias: Bearish Weak

COT POS: GBP: 50472 pos, last change: 46% (15997 contracts)

Retail Long pos ratio: 63%

Retail trader Long position: 12600

Retail trader Buy volume: 3178.06 lots lot

Distance to Support S4 (0.85166): 0.00429

Fundamental Bias:

Bearish Weak

European Central Bank (ECB) rate: 4.5%

Monetary Policy: Hawkish Last change: Sep 14, 2023 (25bp)

Bearish Weak

Bank of England (BOE) rate: 5.25%

Monetary Policy: Hawkish Last change: Aug 03, 2023 (25bp)

Economic Calendar
Economic Calendar

Bullish points

Bullish points

Bearish points

Bearish points


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